Why is Concrete Lifting a Good Option?

One common concern people have about concrete lifting is whether it is environmentally friendly. The good news is that the materials used for concrete slab lifting are non-toxic and environmentally safe. In fact, concrete slab lifting is often considered a “green” solution because it reduces waste and minimizes the need for new materials.

Another concern people may have is whether concrete slab lifting will damage their property. Again, the answer is no. The small holes drilled in the slab are typically less than 2 inches in diameter, and they can be easily filled with a colour-matched material after the lifting process is complete.

Why is Concrete Lifting a Good Option?

After assessing the slab, holes are drilled through the slab in the locations which are most likely to give the best result for installing the slab lifting product.

Holes may be drilled as needed throughout the job in different locations in order to jack up the slab with the best result.
Using a special concrete slab lifting injection gun, the process of injection is initiated.

The injection is done with patience so the position of the slab can be monitored on all sides throughout the concrete lifting process.