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Our calendars feature images from my travels to all 7 continents and from all over the world. These calendars are high quality prints and make excellent gifts and add beauty... Read More

Our greeting cards feature images by Nicki Geigert photographed from all around the world. Cards are 5 inches x 7 inches with the image on the front and the title... Read More

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Child friendly wall art of wildlife and nature curated especially for the child's room. Visit our collection of images to help your child grow and learn about nature. Fine art... Read More

Nicki Geigert has traveled to all 7 continents to capture amazing images of wildlife and animals, traditional peoples and ways of life, as well as beautiful landscapes and architecture. Nicki's... Read More

The study of the most famous photographers throughout history reveals that each had their own unique techniques and inspirations for creating revolutionary work. From their artistic expression to their interaction... Read More