Five Advantages Of Products
Neatly Arranged Filament
Low shrinkage, Low hygroscopic
Good toughness, no drawing, no warping
Great versatility, wide range of applications, good toughness and strength
Odorless Compatible with all types of FDM 3D printers, suitable for printing artworks and crafts.
Product Details
Product type: Rainbow Multicolor PLA filament

Size: 1.75mm

Printing Temperature: 190-220℃

Floor Temperature: 0-60℃

Standard Weight: Net weight 1.0KG,Gross weight 1.3KG

Packaging: 8 pcs per carton, 11.5kg per carton;carton size is 43.5*43.5*18.5cm

Application: prototypes, models, crafts, statues, flower pots.

Advantage: Printed models at the same height in different locations can present different colors, very magical.