MarTech Interview with A.J. Ghergich, Vice President of Consulting Services at Botify

A.J., it’s a pleasure to have you with us. Before we dive into our discussion on SGE and Custobots, could you share a bit about your journey as the VP of Consulting Services at Botify?
I’d be happy to, thanks for having me! I joined Botify about a year ago to lead the rollout of Botify Advantage, our SEO consulting and services offering. Along with my amazing team, we built a consulting division from the ground up, working with several notable global enterprise clients. In this role, I’ve been able to combine my love for SEO with my experience of more than 15 years of consulting in digital marketing for various Fortune 500 companies.
B.With custobots and emerging tech, how do you believe the evolving SEO landscape impacts engagement, and what adjustments would you kindly suggest marketers make?
Without a doubt, marketers must change how they measure engagement. The demise of third-party cookies means marketers need to adopt more sophisticated, data-driven approaches that can better leverage first-party data, topical authority tracking, multi-channel attribution, and brand tracking to attribute organic contributions across the entire customer journey.
C.To conclude, we’d love to hear your final thoughts on the future of organic search with SGE and custobots and any kind of advice for marketers aiming to stay ahead.
I briefly touched on this earlier, but measurement and measurement tools are going to be critical. The ability to accurately measure organic search spend will change the game forever. Gone are the days when organic search results existed as a black box of limited performance visibility, with a heavy reliance on manual engineering processes and investment without complete clarity.

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