Location: Saudi Arabia

Research university | Alfaisal University

You will be among a community of academics enrolled in more than seven graduate programmes. a small group of students who are certain they possess the skills, knowledge, and passion... Read More

Architectural Engineering | Alfaisal University

Construction management's primary objectives are to execute the project on time, within budget, and in line with the provided specifications. The course teaches students how to manage and lead a... Read More

All Electrical Engineering students have the option to choose their electives in accordance with their intended academic goal and after consulting with their academic advisor. For instance, in the fourth... Read More

Mechanical Engineering | Alfaisal University

The Mechanical Engineering programme at Alfaisal University emphasises current technology, applications, and industry demands. The programme places a strong emphasis on producing graduates of the highest calibre and preparing them... Read More

University Preparatory Program | Alfaisal University

Student preparation for university life might be aided by a University Preparatory Programme (UPP). Through UPPs, students can pursue demanding and innovative academic topics, develop their ability to learn on... Read More

Mathematics & Computer science | Alfaisal University

The department of Alfaisal University strives to offer top-notch courses in computer science and mathematics that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and technology use. Other objectives include elevating the department to... Read More

Humanities & Social Sciences | Alfaisal University

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences acts as the foundation of the various university colleges by offering both a wide range of free elective courses in anthropology, philosophy, sociology,... Read More

UG courses | Alfaisal University

Coursework in biological, chemical, environmental, and biomedical sciences is part of Alfaisal University's extensive Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences programme. Students will gain knowledge of biological systems and how... Read More

General studies l Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia offers a four-year general studies bachelor's degree programme. Learning about the various cultures and civilizations of the world benefits students in the General Studies curriculum... Read More

Experiental learning | Alfaisal University

The Pharm.D. programme places a lot of emphasis on experiential learning, or the practical application of what students learn in didactic classes. This section's goal is to support students as... Read More