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We are here as a high-quality Agarwood Oil Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier. The resin of the agarwood tree yields agarwood oil, sometimes referred to as oud oil or aloeswood oil. It is an extremely rare and precious essential oil. Agarwood oil is a main component of many expensive colognes, perfumes, and other smells. It is also utilized in incense, natural perfumery, and aromatherapy. There is a long history of using agarwood oil in many religious and cultural rituals.Out of all the essential oils, agarwood oil has the highest aphrodisiac effect. Its diuretic and aphrodisiac qualities make it a useful tonic for epilepsy. Moreover, it possesses antibacterial, carminative, and anti-asthmatic qualities. Additionally, it helps with digestive issues, neurological conditions, bronchial problems, rheumatism, smallpox, illness during and after childbirth, fevers, and spasms in the respiratory and digestive systems. Agarwood oil is found in North Eastern India, Bhutan, parts of South East Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. The tree grows only in India and Sri Lanka and is native to tropical regions and grows along rivers and streams.

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