By the time I wrote this article, anime fans everywhere are clamoring at what they perceive as “failed” arts in newer anime. At some point, they have a reason to rant. Modern anime has all the technologies to fix those visual glitches, yet some flaws still escape. And I’m looking at you, Seven Deadly Sins! But fans could sometimes go too far and complain about everything. A recent example is the latest Attack on Titans season. It was the last season this anime could offer, and fans have high expectations. And this might explain why the tiniest fault triggered them, though honestly, I couldn’t understand what they are ranting about sometimes. Take for example, the animation, for it seems to me that a simple deviation of details is already a fail to most people.

And I’m telling, you, if younger fans are already triggered by this, imagine what older fans have to endure.

Anime in the 1970s and 80s will fill you with nostalgia. It will bring back those sweet and wonderful excitements people have upon their first exposure to those classic Japanese animation. Nevertheless, those old school anime could really make you feel old! But as the fans of today join forces to bash the slightest glitches in modern anime, older fans barely complained on what they are getting.

Maybe they understand that flaws happened, or the means to make things perfect do not exist back then. Or simply, social media and the internet don’t exist. And before you say, “okay boomer,” let me present to you what came out from the original Gundam series.

Gundam fans have a lot to thank for to the first Gundam anime. But we must admit that some scenes never aged well, and no digital restoration can cure them.

Animation Glitches Happen All The Time
There is something not right about you, Prime.

Obviously, expect a lot of flaws in older anime. I mean all animated shows, even western cartoons were prone to some form of glitches. But I must admit that they are fun to look at, and some fans pointed out that