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Data Feed Manager
Display your products on any marketplace. Submit your product feeds to various global search engines like Google Shopping, Amazon,, Yahoo Shopping, and many more. With Data Feed Manager you will be able to produce XML file with product patter, Header, and Footer designs which you will be specifically ready to transfer on shopping search engines.

Each shopping engine has its own particular requirements and column names. Some require field enclosure, others need specific delimiters.
Data Feed Manager incorporates every one of the highlights of Simple Google Shopping yet enables you to make more sorts of data feeds (CSV, TXT, XML) and with exceptional features like extra-header for any shopping engine, market place or search engine such as BingShopping,, Shopzilla, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten..

Leap Feed is a prominent and global Data Feed Providers in the Marketplace.

All the XML data feeds used by shopping engines are really simple to build but often have their own specifications. Data Feed Manager for any shopping engine provides ready-to-configure patterns. These patterns will enable you to rapidly build a valid and well-structured data feed.
Data Feed Manager provides you all you need to create any specific CSV/TXT file that you want. The extension allows you to create CSV/TXT files in addition to XML files. This specific file format can be used for some shopping engines like Amazon, Google Shopping, Sears, etc.

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