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What is an open kitchen?

An open kitchen has no walls separating the cooking area from the dining and living areas, referred to as "the great rooms." The open-plan kitchen makes your space appear bigger than it is and facilitates the smooth flow between the common areas.

The open-plan kitchen concept has its advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons), which are listed below:

Pros of an Open Kitchen

* An open kitchen is a smart way to maximize space, as no walls and doors serve as barriers.

* It allows interaction between families and friends, which is prohibited in closed-off kitchens.

* An open kitchen layout can accommodate more people.

* This open layout allows for the installation of a kitchen island.

* You can multi-task in an open kitchen. For example, you can watch TV while cooking and supervising the kids or entertaining some guests.

* More natural light can pass through an open kitchen.


These are the disadvantages of an open kitchen:

– The open kitchen is always visible to anyone who comes to the house, and it becomes self-evident if you fail to tidy up every time.

– The sound and smell of cooking travels to other house spaces.

– Cabinet space is limited because open kitchens do not have extra walls to place kitchen cabinets.