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The Food Research Lab offers development of cosmeceuticals and describes the role of medicinal herbs in the formulation of cosmeceuticals. Our quality assurance and control teams ensure that the products... Read More

Formulating innovative nutraceutical solutions for new product development pertaining to men’s health to counteract the negative health outcomes associated. With years of profound experience and expertise in nutraceutical product development,... Read More

Your partner for in-depth discovery and intelligence services in food, beverage, nutraceuticals, herbals, and cosmeceuticals. Guires industry experts co-create the concept through your vision & formulate science-based food prototypes for... Read More

Guires Contract R&D helps you in simplifying the complex regulations and design comprehensive multilingual nutrition labelling that meet global standards. Guires FRL offers end-to-end nutraceuticals & supplement contract R&D product... Read More