Abrex 500 Equivalent Plates Exporters in India

Abrex 500 is a wear resistant plate series form NSSMC.

The usage of scratched area square ABREX 500 steel plate especially decreases the mass of extra parts seemed to serve beating conditions. Bundle and clear steel, ABREX steel plate diminishes key weight and passes on money related central concentration premiums. Request of first rate scratched an area safe ABREX 500 will surrender the assistance life of mechanical gathering and part.

ABREX 500 is through created scratched zone safe steel with a regular hardness of 515 BHN. ABREX 500 PLATES are the most wide used of the wear safe assessments. ABREX 500 plate exhibit a staggering mix of high affirmation from impact, handiness, weld cutoff and check from scratched a zone. ABREX 500 plate has around 3 times the scratched spot prospering of trustworthy steel plate and helps drawing out the association presence of mechanical parts.and ABREX 500 from 05mm ~ 50mm thickness.

Size: 5mm ~ 120 mm
Width: Up to 3000 mm
Length: Up to 12000 mm