4 ways to improve your ‘Health & Wellbeing’ when working from home

n the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been thrust into a state of almost complete isolation. As such, working from home is on the menu for many.

While working home, in many cases, is proven to boost productivity levels—for many, navigating an entire professional week remotely is an alien concept—something that applies to workers across industries.

Conveniences and creature comforts coupled with the fish out of water-like sensationworking from home can evoke (if you’re not used to it) and prove difficult to deal with at first. And, as such, bad habits are easily formed.

If you’re reading this and thinking “this is me”—don’t panic because were at HumbleWorks (currently remote) HQ, we’ve got your back (quite literally).

To help enhance your current professional situation while preventing long-term physical or mental damage, here are four practical ways to boost your health and wellbeing levels while working from home.

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